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MartineTrained "Those who are smart row, because one can simply abondon his thoughts"
(thesis dissertation 'Gouden Hoorns', published Het Parool)
at the Wageningen University and at Hogeschool Utrecht, Martine Barwegen has a creative mind who combines energy with a correct dose of humor and common sense to motivate people to travel through life. As a dedicated active thinker she assist others to get - back - on track such as the Jindra Markus looking for film locations in East Java on behalf of film producer Paul Verhoeven. Common sense is needed in an exotic culture to be succesfull in business. The backpackers hostel Kampong Tourist in the city Malang is both rated as best choice by the independent guide book Lonely Planet as by travelers themselves on the internet. By combining her agricultural and anthropological background with her travel experience she functions very well as a multipurpose person with multiple functions. Accelerating, organizing information, looking for opportunities in another cultural world, that is where she thrives best.
Coaching athletes is Martine's passion, both young talented on the way to the top and recreational athletes of any age. Her enthusiasm motivates people to reach their goals, both phycically and mentally.


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You can find my CV on the page "Collaborator".